Leases, of course, clearly establish each party’s respective rights and responsibilities. Our leasing attorneys draft, negotiate and review leasing agreements to assure that they meet the objectives and protect the interests of our clients.

Our real estate lawyers have significant experience with lease agreements, and our clients know that our counsel goes beyond the words on a document. Our attorneys have often challenged commercial leasing markets in and around New York City, nation wide . With this experience we can provide our clients with consistent advice on process, pricing and when potential market conditions might benefit our clients with their long-term goals.

Whether you are an owner or leasing commercial property, you need a lease that fits the location and the business purpose with pricing that works for the benefit of both parties. We represent lessors and lessees and will negotiate and draft lease agreements for a wide range of commercial properties.

Our lawyers can help you determine what options are available and necessary. We want our clients to have leasing agreements that meet their immediate and long-term objectives.

Many factors are involved in deciding where and when to lease commercial property and how much to pay. For the property owner, there are also many factors to consider, including the amount to charge, the facilities to provide and the appropriateness of the business leasing space.